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The Oregon Attorney Assistance Program sponsors a number of free or low-cost CLEs and workshops for Oregon lawyers and judges throughout the year.

Upcoming Events & Groups

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Ongoing Weekly Confidential Recovery Support Groups
Contact Doug Querin or Bryan Welch for more information
July, 2018 OAAP
ADHD Monthly Support Group for Lawyers
Contact Bryan Welch to register
Multi week group begins
August, 2018
Lawyers in Transition Calendar September 13, 2018 OAAP
Men's Work-Life Balance Workshop October, 2018 OAAP
Fall Career CLEs – Save the Date!
The Career of a Lawyer: Creating Success at Each Stage
November 2, 2018 World Trade Center

Previously Presented CLEs

The Oregon Attorney Assistance Program has recently presented the CLEs listed below. You can obtain a copy by asking an OAAP attorney counselor, or directly at www.osbplf.org/cle/past.  To locate the CLE, enter the title in the KEYWORD search box.
  • Practicing Law with ADD or ADHD

Practicing law is difficult and is even more challenging when you have ADD or ADHD. This program will help you to understand ADD/ADHD; provide you with simple and realistic tools that improve your ability to organize, plan, and follow through; and offer you strategies to enhance your communication skills. These tools and strategies will also help you to lower your stress level and manage your law practice more effectively. The program is free and qualifies for 6 personal management assistance MCLE credits. You can order the program by asking an OAAP attorney counselor or order it directly from www.osbplf.org/cle/past. To locate the program, enter the title in the KEYWORD search box. 

The book, Transforming ADHD: Simple, Effective Attention and Action Regulation Skills to Help You Focus and Succeed, by Greg Crosby MA, LPC, and Tonya K. Lippert PhD, is available at the discounted rate of $12.00 by clicking here, or through amazon.com.

  • Using Your Resilient Lawyer Brain to Overcome Life's Challenges

Sponsored by the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program (OAAP) and the Oregon Lawyer Assistance Foundation (OLAF) on April 13, 2017, this CLE features OAAP Attorney Counselors Douglas Querin and Bryan Welch, and Dr. Anthony J. Mele, Chief Clinical Officer, Sovereign Health. Topics include the recent national study on lawyer health, what lawyers can do to improve their own health, and how lawyers can draw on the brain's resiliency. The program is a fundraiser for OLAF, which provides mental health and substance use treatment loans and grants to lawyers who are in financial need. For more information about OLAF, click here, go to OLAF on the navigation bar above, or view the information included with the materials for this CLE. You can order a copy of the program by asking an OAAP attorney counselor or order it directly from www.osbplf.org/cle/past. To locate the program, enter the title into the KEYWORD search box. 

This CLE is free. If you are able, we encourage you to send a donation of your choice, made payable to OLAF, to: OLAF, P.O. Box 231600, Tigard, OR 97281-1600. Suggested donation $75; however, OLAF is grateful for donations of any amount.

For a complete list of previously presented CLEs, visit the PLF website at www.osbplf.org.

For information on MCLE reporting requirements, visit the Oregon State Bar website at www.osbar.org.

Career Transition Services

Visit our Career Transition Services page for more information about support groups, workshops, seminars, and other assistance to lawyers or judges who are interested in making job or career transitions.