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OAAP Services

The Oregon Attorney Assistance Program (OAAP) is a confidential, service funded by the Professional Liability Fund (PLF) for all Oregon lawyers and judges. We provide assistance with and referral for Problem Alcohol, Drug, and/or Substance Use; Stress Management; Time Management; Career Transition; Compulsive Disorders (including problem gambling); Relationships; Depression; Anxiety; and other issues that affect the ability of a lawyer or judge to function effectively. Our assistance includes individual counseling, workshops, educational programs, and referrals. The OAAP is also available to Oregon law students.

OAAP attorney counselors all have experience practicing law and have personal experience and/or training in addiction, compulsive disorders, 12-step programs, career transition, stress management, mental health issues, and other areas of assistance provided by the program.

What You Tell Us Is Completely Confidential

All communications with the OAAP are completely confidential and will not affect your standing with the Professional Liability Fund or the Oregon State Bar. No information will be disclosed to any person, agency, or organization outside the OAAP, without the consent of the person accessing the program. Contacts with us are kept strictly confidential pursuant to ORS 9.568, PLF Policies 6.150 – 6.300, Oregon State Bar Bylaws Article 24, Oregon Rule of Professional Conduct 8.3(c)(3), and Oregon Code of Judicial Conduct 3.11.  The only exceptions are: (1) to avert a serious, imminent threat to your health or safety or that of another person and (2) to comply with legal obligations such as ORS 419B.010 and ORS 124.060 (child abuse and elder abuse). 

How Can I Access OAAP Services?

If you are interested in OAAP services, call us at the numbers listed below. We work with individuals who refer themselves to the programs and with anyone who is concerned that an attorney or judge is not functioning effectively.

Are There Any Costs?

All of our services are free or at nominal cost. If additional professional help is needed, we can serve as a referral resource.

OAAP Statement of Mission and Philosophy

To view our full mission statement and philosophy, click here